live the experience of flying over the sea

Do you want to see Sitges from the sky? We offer a unique ride! Parasailing consists in elevating from the boat with a parachute, once in the air the boat tows the parachute. Landing is also on the boat. Each outing is totally controlled and prepared beforehand so that our clients can enjoy at the most the activity.

The height is regulated to the clients’ desire, if you don´t want to fly high you don´t have to. Security is our priority but we also want our clients to enjoy the ride and not be scared of being high up in the sky.

From the sky, you can see the great views of Sitges. The flight is approx. 15 minutes, but you can be on board 30-60 minutes. We offer individual and double flights, and the boat has capatity up to 5 persons (2 double flights + 1 individual).

Minimum age: 7 years. Children under 7 can enjoy the activity from the boat.

Single flight price: 95€ 

Double fight price: 140€

Duration: 15 minutes (it´s possible to be on board 30-60 minutes)